Spot-on Sundials in Brass

Choosing the correct model for your location
and current delivery times

Horizontal sundials need to have the angle between the gnomon (which casts the shadow) and the dialplate appropriate to the latitude where they are to be used. If you do not know the latitude of your location, you can find it out from the links on our latitude page. The Spot-On Sundial is made in seven models.

You can choose the model which is most suitable for your location, either from the tables below or from the maps of Europe or North America.

Latitude deg.
Suitable for use between latitudes:
(add 3 working
days for engraving)
A: Newcastle-on-Tyne
55 N
53.25 to 58 N
next day
B: London
51 30' N
49.75 to 53.25 N
next day
C: Vienna
48 N
45.5 to 49.75 N
next day
D: Milwaukee
43 N
40.5 to 45.5 N
next day
E: San Francisco
37 45' N
36 to 40.5 N
next day
F: Los Angeles
34 N
32 to 36 N
next day
G: New Orleans
30 N
26 to 32 N
next day
and our new Southern Hemisphere model
S: Cape Town
34 S
27 to 41 S (see notes below)
next day

The table below shows some of the places located on the latitudes dividing two models, so that you can identify the model you need from your atlas if you prefer. (If your location is exactly on one of these latitudes, you can use either of the two models either side equally successfully)

Northern Hemisphere models
Places on this latitude in Europe
(see map)
Places on this latitude in North America
(see map)
Use model A (Newcastle-on-Tyne) north of 53 15' N
53 15'
Lincoln, Chester (UK), Dublin (IRL) Bremen (D)
Use model B (London) between these latitudes
49 45'
Luxembourg (L) Wurzburg (D) Plzen(CZ)
Vancouver(BC) Winnipeg(MN)
Use model C (Vienna between these latitudes
45 30'
St. Etienne, Chambery (F), Milano, Venezia (I)
Aberdeen (SD), Montreal (PQ)
Use model D (Milwaukee) between these latitudes
40 30'
Madrid(E), Taranto(I), Thessaloniki (GR)
Eureka(CA) Salt Lake City(UT), Pittsburgh (PA) New York (NY)
Use model E (San Francisco) between these latitudes
Algeciras (E), Malta, Rhodes (GR)
Kettleman City (CA) Nashville (TN) Tulsa (OK)
Use model F (Los Angeles) between these latitudes
Ensenada(MEX), El Paso (TX) Jackson (MI), Savannah (GA)
Use model G (New Orleans) south of 32N


Southern Hemisphere models
Places on this latitude in S. America
Places on this latitude in Africa
Places on this latitude in Australasia
No model yet available north of 27 S (see note A)
27 S
Itaji, Brasil
Standerton, Transvaal
Kilcoy, Qld.
Use model CT (Cape Town) between these latitudes (but see note B)
32 S
Cordoba, Argentina
Queenstown, Cape Province
Broken Hill, NSW.
Use model CT (Cape Town) between these latitudes
36 S
Talca, Chile
Cape of Good Hope (34 25' S)
Brisbane, Qld.
Use model CT (Cape Town) between these latitudes (see note B)
41 S
Oromo, Chile
Devonport (TAS) Masterton, NZ
No model available south of 41 S(see note A)

Note A: but it is possible to use the Cape Town sundial north of 27 S or south of 41 S using the techniques described in advanced set-up, though the angle of tilt requried will be in excess of 7 deg

Note B: Between these latitudes, you need to use the techniques described in advanced set-up for complete accuracy

Spot-On Sundials is the trade mark for sundials designed by Piers Nicholson andincorporating the unique "line of light" which enables them to be set up (and therefore read) to great accuracy. Spot-On Sundials are also available in stainless steel.