Spot-on Sundials in Brass

Finding your latitude and longitude

You need to know your latitude before you order your Spot-On Sundial - the angle of the gnomon (which casts the shadow) has to be the right one for your location, as described on the models page.

You also need to know your longitude later on when you come to set up your Spot-On Sundial, so it is worth writing it down for later.

In the United Kingdom

We recommend www.streetmap.co.uk (which is very useful for many other things apart from finding your latitude and longitude). You can bring up a map of any locality in the UK by keying in its postcode, street name (in London), place name, telephone dialing code, OS grid reference, Landranger grid or latitude and longitude. Each map has grid squares of 500m., and gives the latitude and longitude under the map.

Click on any of the links below; you will find a search box for your location under the map. Note particularly that the latitude and longitude is given in degrees, minutes, and seconds - you may need to convert the minutes and seconds to decimals of degrees if you are going to use them in a calculation.

For example, the map for the Tylers and Bricklayers sundial at Blackfriars has an arrow pointing at the position of the sundial and states "The location is at 532025m 180818m ( N51:30:37 W0:05:50). The latitude is the figure preceded by N, and the longitude is preceded by W for West (or E for East)"

Other examples are the Tylers and Bricklayers sundial at Greenwich which states "The location is at 539746m 179666m (N51:29:53 E0:00:48)" and an example outside London is the Sustrans sundial at Lincoln which states "The location is at 499685m 370945m (N53:13:33 W0:30:24)"

In the United States

In the United States, the form below will find the latitude and longitude by typing in the place name or the zip code. For example, typing in the name of our sister community, Epsom NH, produces

Epsom NH
Location: 43.22238N; 71.33562W

together with links to a map which you can customise to your particular needs and census data.

City: and state:
or zip code:


For all other countries

A very good source is the location database of Heavens Above at http://www.heavens-above.com/countries.asp

This excellent site will also give you star maps, satellite maps, and lots more, all customised to your particular location

Other sites you can try are http://gnnpswww.nima.mil/geonames/GNS/ and http://www.mapblast.com

Links to other sites giving latitude and longitude are given in the excellent What's Your Latitude page which we recommend for further reading.

Spot-On Sundials is the trade mark for sundials designed by Piers Nicholson andincorporating the unique "line of light" which enables them to be set up (and therefore read) to great accuracy. Spot-On Sundials are also available in stainless steel.