Spot-on Sundials in Brass

Looking after your Spot-On Sundial

The Spot-On Sundial requires very little maintenance. It will weather naturally; the shine of the brass will be replaced by the matt surface of an oxide layer, which will protect the metal of the sundial, and will also give greater contrast to show the shadow of the gnomon, and the line of light at solar noon.

We recommend that you should leave the dial plate to weather naturally in this way, so that the markings do not get worn away, and so that you can read the Spot-On Sundial more easily:

You can also leave the other visible parts to weather in this way too. If, however you feel you would like to polish some of the sundial, please feel free to polish the two sides of the gnomon and the baseplate if you wish

If you have trouble with bird droppings etc, we recommend that you use a soft cloth and hot water. Do not use any scouring powder or abrasive. If necessary, use a small amount of liquid detergent, but it is best to use hot water alone.

Please note particularly that once you have set uo your sundial correctly to true North, it will never need to be altered. In summertime, you read the Arabic numbers, and in winter you read the Roman numerals.

We hope your Spot-On Sundial will provide years of interest and enjoyment for you and your friends.

Spot-On Sundials is the trade mark for sundials designed by Piers Nicholson andincorporating the unique "line of light" which enables them to be set up (and therefore read) to great accuracy. Spot-On Sundials are also available in stainless steel.